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Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan, Celina Jaitley, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu, Esha Deol
Anees Bazmee
Boney Kapoor
Anu Mailk

Ashok Mehta

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"I write better for other film makers because there is a certain responsibility that comes in" - Anees Bazmee
By Joginder Tuteja, January 9, 2006 - 03:30 IST

Anees Bazmee, undoubtedly is one of the busiest directors in Bollywood today with as many as a whopping TEN films in his hands under different stages of production. The writer-director was in the news for most of 2005 with the super success of 'No Entry'. With number of announcements about the director being roped in by the top most production houses of the country, he is sure to continue making news for 2006 as well.

Here we get into an exclusive conversation with the soft spoken director who has a definite air of confidence around him while talking about the success of 'No Entry' and life after that.

While filming 'No Entry', did you ever think that it would turn out to be the biggest hit of the year?
No, I didn't have an idea that 'No Entry' would turn out to be the biggest hit of the year, but did have good expectations that it would meet with good success. While writing the script itself, I could sense that this was a good film in the making. See, there is a certain grammar that is required for a film and a lot depends upon this factor for a film to be hit or a flop. In case of 'No Entry', grammar was quite good from the writing point of view and this showed in the final results. Though never did I imagine that the film would turn out to be such a huge success!

Didn't the delay in the movie making and release create any insecurity?
The movie indeed got delayed and in the meanwhile another movie 'Masti' too got released, which was quite successful at the box office. We knew what the storyline of 'Masti' was and its subject but that never bothered us about the prospects of 'No Entry'. There was never once a thought that the script of 'No Entry' required any change due to these factors. Also, 'No Entry' had a lot to do with relationships which worked for the movie as a whole.

Hardcore Salman Khan fans did have a grudge about his lack of screen presence....
See, it was made very clear in the beginning by the producers that there were limited dates available from Salman bhai. If it would have been possible, I could have placed him more on the screen but lack of dates didn't allow that to happen.

But don't you think in the hindsight it wasn't too bad to have the movie revolve completely around Anil Kapoor? After all he was terrific in the central role.
True, no doubt Anil Kapoor is a good actor and was superb in 'No Entry'. But everyone knows the kind of craze Salman Khan generates today. There is a specific segment of audience that simply loves Salman. I am sure if his role was bigger than what it was in the movie, 'No Entry' would have done even bigger business than what it has done today!

For any movie to take a bumper opening, especially in case of a romantic movie or a comedy, music plays an integral role. Wasn't that a hindrance in case of 'No Entry' where music was okay, but not super hit enough to pull in an audience?
See, the music scenario of today is such that every 3-6 months the taste of the audience changes. What you compose today could be outdated after a few months. We started 'No Entry' a couple of years back and this is when the music was composed keeping in mind that when the movie releases a year later, how would it perform. But in case of 'No Entry', the music arrived much later. Still, Anu Malik did come up with some good tunes and two songs got popular too, especially Salman Khan's solo 'Just Love Me' and the title song picturized on Bipasha Basu, Salman and Anil Kapoor

'Kahan Ho Tum' with Anil and Fardeen brought in a few smiles as well...
[Laughs] Oh yes, it too turned out to be popular.

Good thing that happened due to success of 'No Entry' was a career boost to number of actors like Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan etc. Isn't it?
Anil, Fardeen, Lara, Celina, Bipasha - just about everyone gained a lot from the movie. It's like this, when a movie becomes a hit, each and every small character too gets noticed and gains mileage from the film's success. Look at this, Fardeen had never done comedy to this extent earlier. Anil Kapoor was always good but hadn't got a hit for quite some time. In his case, I had always wanted to make a film where I could use his persona to the maximum. I had seen him in movies like 'Ram Lakhan' and 'Taal' and loved the characters he played in the movies. With Bipasha, it was the first time she was coming in a role where she had to play such a character. In fact for the first few days of the shoot she felt a bit uneasy with her character but slowly as the shooting progressed, she became more and more comfortable!

For a movie like 'No Entry' that dealt with infidelity and extra marital affairs, how could one still see queues with 5-year-old kids accompanying their 70 year old grandparents?
That was exactly the case. When I started writing, I knew that it was very easy to fall in a trap where for a subject like this I could have ended up with something vulgar or indecent with double meaning dialogues. But thankfully I stuck to 2-3 things that I had clear in my mind. One there would be no vulgarity or double meaning dialogues and two, I won't play any cheap 'chakkar' to make the movie a hit. It could have been an easy way out but I never allowed myself to take that route. Hence I ended up writing a movie that had good dialogues and screenplay, which could be enjoyed by children to elders.

You are one of those rare directors whose last three films [Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha, Deewangee, No Entry] have been good successes and that too with altogether varied subjects.
As a writer I have written on a number of subjects so I love to pick up any subject that excites me most. It's not like today when one thinks that since one action movie has been hit to chalo ek action kar lete hain! Ya phir ek comedy picture achchi chali hai so let's make another comedy! If you look around today, after the success of 'No Entry', 9 out of 10 movie titles are in English. But what I am interested in is a good film and that's about it. I don't want to be typecast as a director who can only make an action movie or a love story or a comic fun flick. Because once that happens to you, audience starts expecting a certain genre of cinema from you. This is what scares one as a maker because so many times a different subject comes to you but you can't pick it up as the audience has a certain expectation from you. And this is the saddest thing to happen to a film maker!! Thankfully after 'No Entry', my next movie to be released is 'Benaam', which is an action movie while my other movies to follow too belong to different genres
Get set for Bipasha-Salman-Anil to enter your living room
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, October 27, 2005]

So what if you may not find tickets for any of the three Diwali releases coming week? So what if you have already watched the other contender 'No Entry' in theatres? So what if you still HAVE to watch a movie this long weekend.

Bipasha Basu, Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor and Co. are set to make this Diwali memorable for you as they are ready to make an ENTRY to your living room!! They do so by means of the DVD/VCD of their movie 'NO ENTRY' that is out on stands. One of the rare scenarios when a movie's DVD/VCD has been released while it is still making [BIG] money at the theatres all over, its indeed a treat for all the moviegoers to have fun while sitting at home itself.

If one remembers hard, last time a DVD/VCD of a movie hit the stands while the movie was raking in moolah at the BO was also directed by Anees Bazmee. Movie's name - Ajay Devgan, Akshaye Khanna, Urmila Matondkar starrer DEEWANGEE, that arrived on the DVD/VCD within 3 weeks of the movie's release!

50 days for No Entry and Iqbal
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, October 20, 2005]

Both the releases of 26th August - No Entry and Iqbal - recently completed their 50 days completion. Completely different from each other as chalk and cheese, who would have thought before their release [especially Iqbal] that they would go on to complete 50 days and would continue to run strong!?
Since there was uncertainty hanging around the release of No Entry till end of Friday when prints didn't reach the entire country, no one could have ever predicted that the movie would reach the 40 crore mark and still run across multiple centers in the 8th week.
Ditto for Iqbal, which is a core multiplex movie with a new actor in the lead role and a different theme. Still, inspite of releasing alongside No Entry, it is the only movie after No Entry and Salaam Namaste that has been showing consistent performance over all these weeks.

Remarkable indeed!

Box Office Analysis
Exclusive by: Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, October 19, 2005]

No Entry is now officially the BIGGEST HIT of the year by breaking the 40 crore mark. The movie continues to show consistent collections week after week and even in its 7th week was running at more than 200 screens. AWESOME! It has now surpassed Salaam Namaste both in terms of weekly collections and screen count inspite of the latter arriving two weeks later.

'No Entry' II ?
by Debasis Jana

Seeing the huge success of 'No Entry' at the box office, Boney Kapoor & brothers are all to make a sequel to the laugh riot. Incidentally, the film has become the year's biggest hit to date. Boney Kapoor has already signed up the writer-director Anees Bazmi, who directed the 'No Entry' one, for writing and directing the sequel.
In a recent interview, Bazmi said, "Both Boney and Anil are very keen that I start work on the sequel to 'No Entry'. I too am excited but I want to first put he script together to figure out how well it can work."

BOI update!

1. No Entry
Weekly net gross 2,70,00,000
Total net gross 40,65,00,000
Verdict Super Duper Hit

The second biggest hit of the decade with its business expected to finish near the 50 crore mark. The weakest circuit Bengal picks up amazingly in the 7th week. The seventh week is slightly better than the sixth week due to the extra prints. Overall SUPER DUPER HIT

No Entry: Biggest hit of the year!
Chandan Arora's second directorial venture Mein Meri Patni Aur Woh is a refreshing new film, where the story, not the cast, is the star.
Featuring Rajpal Yadav and Rituparna Sengupta, the film has opened to good reviews but a cold box office.

Meanwhile, Boney Kapoor's No Entry has been declared the biggest hit of the year. The multi-starrer, which released six weeks ago, has slipped off our charts, as the films are ranked according to their release dates.

Boney Kapoor is on a high after No Entry
- By Parag Maniar

Mumbai: Boney Kapoor is beaming. His latest venture No Entry has been declared a hit. "I had a feeling that this film would become a hit. I knew that from day one," said Boney Kapoor. Ask him about the financial mess his production company was in because of earlier films that had flopped, Boney replies, "It is a part of business. You win some and lose some. Yes, I did face a financial crunch, but No Entry has more than made up for it. It has pushed me back into reckoning."

He adds, "The amount of positive feedback that I got for No Entry has surpassed my imagination. Salim Khan, Salman Khan’s father, when he watched the film, said, that No Entry was the best comedy he had seen till date. People just loved the film. In fact, distributors and theatre owners have told me that it was the only film that had a repeat audience."

Now, since the film is a hit, he is once again in the limelight. People who had underplayed Boney are chewing their words. "But it doesn’t hurt me," says Boney Kapoor. "I did not gauge people’s attitude when films produced by me were not hits. And I do not analyse people’s attitude now since No Entry is a hit. People’s attitude do not matter to me."

Boney Kapoor is now going to be busy with Milenge Milenge and Dost. "I was one of the first producers to sign the Kareena-Shahid pair even before Fida was released. It is just that my film got delayed. Milenge Milenge, as the name goes of course is a love tale. While Dost is a fun film that has Sanjay Dutt playing a modern day Yamraj. It shows how this Yamraj befriends a little girl. The film has shaped out to be cute and will be fun to watch," he says. There are a number of other projects in the pipeline. In fact, Boney Kapoor has signed a series of directors to make films for his banner. "Prabhu Deva is definitely making a film for me. So is Anees Bazmee. There are talks on with other directors like Priyadarshan and Rajkumar Santoshi. The films will be announced as and when something concrete happens," he adds.

When asked if his wife Sridevi would be playing the lead in one of his forthcoming ventures, Boney said, "No, there are no plans as such. But if a director feels that she suits the role and could be cast in the film then I have no problem with it. In fact I’m glad she will be a part of my banner."


Starring: Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan, Anil Kapoor, Esha Deol, Lara Dutta

Subtitles: English

Producer: Boney Kapoor
Director: Anees Bazmee
Music: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Sameer
Released by :Eros
Genre: : Comedy

No Entry DVD (2 DVD Set)

2 DVD Set - Includes bonus Songs DVD.

Bonus features - Making of No Entry, Music Launch and Deleted Scenes.

No Entery open its doors to reveal the lives of three men. Kishen ' the married man, Sunny 'the Bachelor' and Prem 'the married bachelor' Ironically while the faithful Kishen has a very suspicious Kaajal as his wife playboy Prem has a trusting wife Pooja. And then there is Shekhar's - to - be wife Sanjana who is a bit of both. Trouble brews when Prem decides to make Kishen taste the forbidden fruit that he loves so much. This forbidden fruit assumes the form of sultry siren Bobby, who walks through the board right into the lives of them all, leading to chaos, craziness, commotion and crisis. Who is this Bobby, who manages to turn all their lives topsy-turvy? Astonishingly, each one has a different answer to this question. If this were not enough, comes along Politician P.K Gupta who is hell bent on creating more trouble for them all, travels on the road of laughter, with milestones of humor, speed-breakers of ticklish moments, right turns unpredictable fun and signals of wackiness. To experience a roller coaster ride of unadulterated entertainment, get right this area. Even if you are fined, it will be worth it!

Sunil Pal enters No Entry promos
By: Tushar Joshi
September 27, 2005

Sunil Pal (left) with an actor
Pic: B L Soni
After being crowned the undisputed king of comedy in Star One’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge, Sunil Pal has bagged a new role. The actor will now appear in television promos for Anees Bazmee’s No Entry.

Directed by Nikhil Saini, the promos will revolve around four different characters. Describing the look of the promos, Saini says, “No Entry has already been declared a hit, and with Laughter Challenge being so popular, we decided to use Sunil Pal in the promos. He is doing four different caricatures and has some really funny one-liners.”

When asked why he chose to be part of this campaign, Pal says, “I have seen the movie and loved it. I think everyone should go watch it. When I heard the concept, it really excited me and I wanted to be part of it.”

Gorapkhpur still fuming over Salman Khan !

While the world seems to have forgotten the Salman Khan tape controversy that erupted on the eve of the release of 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya', but not Gorakhpur!

Believe it or not but people living in this major centre of Eastern Uttar Pradesh have not been able to see 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya' even 6 weeks after it was released all over.

Cinemas in neighbouring small centers around Gorakhpur have, likewise, not screened the Salman flick. This week's 'No Entry', which also features Salman, has similarly not been released in Gorakhpur.

Public opinion of No Entry

Business Talk With Taran Adarsh - September 1

'No Entry' Success Story: Limps On Friday, Runs From Saturday!

A producer facing financial problems hours/days before the release of his film is not new. The last-minute tensions have always existed. But with the industry on the road to transparency and the Indian media getting more and more aggressive with each passing day [the journos are trying to outdo each other when it comes to breaking news!], the industry dealings are no longer confined to the industry limits. They are out in the open, in dailies, tabloids, weeklies… making television headlines after every one hour.

The uncertainty over the release of Boney Kapoor's biggie NO ENTRY made big news. That the film wouldn't make it to theatres on August 26 spread like wild fire, even as Boney was involved in serious discussions with his creditors. There was panic within the industry. The distributors weren't sure whether the film would reach theatres. The exhibitors [movieplexes] were completely clueless as well.

As a result, when the delivery of prints commenced from Wednesday night/Thursday morning, the industry realized that the film would make it in the scheduled week, although the prints wouldn't reach everywhere on Friday.

That's precisely what happened!

The prints of NO ENTRY didn't reach major centres of the country till Saturday, a fact that was highlighted on all news channels. So much so that Anil Kapoor was forced to call a hurried press conference on Friday afternoon to present things in the right perspective: The film had been released in some parts of the country and that the remaining theatres would be able to screen the film by Friday night/Saturday.

But the harm had been done by then. Confused that the release had been cancelled/called off, not many people sauntered into a movieplex to watch NO ENTRY on Friday. You may find this unbelievable, but the Friday collections of a biggie like NO ENTRY ranged between 30%-50% almost everywhere. The dull opening of NO ENTRY did catch the industry unawares, although everyone agreed that it had everything to do with the confusing signals sent out [vis-à-vis its release], not its merits.

Saturday onwards, the film gathered momentum and by Saturday evening, the verdict was loud and clear: NO ENTRY had stormed into people's hearts.

There's no denying that the cancellation of shows and the uncertainty took a heavy toll on its box-office takings in its opening weekend at several places, but what went in its favor was the fact that the moviegoers were truly enjoying the film. Had the Friday reports been negative, NO ENTRY would've sunk on Friday night itself. Fortunately, the strong reports pouring in from everywhere gave hope to its distributors and exhibitors.

Although most films crash Monday onwards, NO ENTRY has been rock-steady. The film has been grossing 80% + collections almost everywhere, which is a rarity these days.

No Entry scores at the BO

Boney Kapoor may finally have a hit on his hands. His new multi-starrer production, No Entry, has had a good opening.
Nagesh Kukunoor's Iqbal recieved great reviews but, unfortunately, could not ensure a good box office opening. Hopefully, word of mouth will help increase collections in the weeks to come.

Ashok Kaul's Bhaggmati: The Queen Of Fortunes fared the worst, thanks to its lacklustre animation and performances. Meanwhile, Suneel Darshan's Barsaat is the year's biggest hit in Bihar, even as the film sinks in Mumbai.

Check out the making of No Entry at

NO ENTRY (Movie Review)

Indiaglitz Review

No Entry - A laugh-a-second entry for everyone

Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Saturday, August 27, 2005]

2005 is fast turning out to be one of the best years for box office winners. With practically a success a week, the last week of August doesn't seem too different with No Entry hitting the marquee. And isn't the movie a lip smacking delight? Because just like a big helping of hot chocolate fudge, it continues to taste better and better with every passing bite, and makes you long for more till the very end. Inspite of its long duration, a viewer doesn't loose his/her interest in the movie and keeps nourishing each and every moment of the fun.

Welcome to the world of a hip night club No Entry, where sexy'n'toned Bobby [Bipasha Basu] works as a club dancer cum most desirable call girl. Amongst her many admirers, there is Prem [Salman Khan] who is as flirtatious as he can and globe totters half his life while spending his time with the girls of all breeds, colors and nationality. Inspite of his escapades, his doting 'bhartiya-beewi' Pooja [Esha Deol] never ever suspects him of infidelity.

Unfortunately it’s just the opposite with his fast friend Kishan [Anil Kapoor], an editor with fast-loosing-on-popularity newspaper, who is as 'patni-vrata' as he can but still suffers from the constant look of suspicion from his wife Kaajal [Lara Dutta]. Inspite of being loved day in and night out, Kaajal keeps a close eye on each and every activity of his. Then there is Shekhar a.k.a Sunny, a crime reporter with Kishan's newspaper who comes across Sanjana [Celina Jaiteley] and falls in love after some funny situations.

Trouble begins when Prem continues to instigate Kishan on enjoying life beyond wife. His logic? It pays to be unfaithful to your wife because that results in a feeling of guilt and hence makes you love your wife even more ! Though the logic may sound unconvincing to many, since this movie written and directed by Anees Bazmee follows the David Dhawan school of comedy to the T, one needs to leave the thinking caps behind. After some resistance, Kishan surrenders to the temptation and Sunny arranges for his rendezvous with Bobby.

Kishan and Bobby meet and sparks fly. But as luck would have had it, Kaajal arrives on the scene. This is what begins a series of one lie after another. Kishan introduces Bobby as Sunny's wife. Now Sunny is in a fix because he can't lie to Sanjana. Meanwhile in some hilarious situations that follow, Bobby is introduced as Kishan's wife to Sanjana. In a 'bhelpuri' of confusions and some highly hilarious and entertaining situations that follow, 'No Entry' reaches its pre-climax with Sunny proclaiming to be Bobby's husband, in order to save his friends from any more trouble. And this is where Pooja enters the scene......

A movie like this can have only two results. Either the plot completely falls on its face with the confusions amongst the characters resulting in a high degree of confusions for the audience to comprehend. Or the other way around, where the situations are knit together with such a tight grasp and pace kept so fast, that audience do not get a single minute to think about any logic behind the happenings. Fortunately Anees Bazmee is very successful in making the latter result happen and that too in such a great manner that one continues to laugh long after the movie's screening is through.

The movie has number of strengths to boast of - witty dialogues, rich locations [South Africa, Thailand], excellent cinematography [Ashok Mehta], pulsating choreography [practically all the songs including Just Love Me, Dil To Dil Hai, Title song, Kahan Ho Tum], good editing by Sanjay Sankla [though the role of politican played by Boman Irani could have been conveniently chopped off] and music by Anu Malik that fit in the situations well. Background score by Salim Suleman is zippy and continues to make 'No Entry' a high spirited affair.

While the movie begins like any other movie about three friends looking to have some fun, after 30-40 minutes into the movie there is no looking back. The fun that begins with Bipasha Basu entering the scene and subsequently being caught with Anil Kapoor [at intermission point] continues to scale higher and higher till the movie's climax. The second half is particularly hilarious with scenes like the one in mall, Fardeen's marriage, all the characters meeting in Mauritius and finally the three men hanging on a cliff bringing the house down.

Undoubtedly, the movie belongs to Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, Fardeen Khan and Lara Dutta [in that order], all the way. Anil Kapoor is superb in a role that demanded him to let his hair down and he does exactly that. If one was missing his 'Ram Lakhan' and 'Deewana Mastana' days, then here is the versatile actor for you. Fardeen Khan is a revelation with his comic timing. Though he is a bit awkward in the first half, he takes charge completely in the second half with an end to end appearance in this part of the movie. He comes up with a wide range of expressions and his dialogue delivery as a man unnecessarily caught in a fix to save his boss' life goes down well the character. Lara Dutta, who was conveniently ignored in the entire publicity of the movie, has the meatiest role amongst the three wives and she plays the role of a suspecting wife quite well without resorting to turning loud. Bipasha Basu brings in a comic angle to her role of a seductress and looks completely mind-blowing.

So are there any blemishes? A few minor ones. First and foremost Salman Khan mainly has a special appearance in the movie as he is hardly there in the second half [he appears only towards the pre-climax]. But audience may not really mind that as Anil and Fardeen more than make up for it. Also, there was no real need for giving a damsel-in-distress angle to Bipasha Basu's character. In addition, the movie makers could have done away with the Sameera Reddy sequence that appears in the end as it appears to be a complete after-thought.

Aneez Bazmee manages to give a good spin to this exciting tale that has all the potential to be yet another blockbuster of this season. A surefire hit, producer Boney Kapoor can finally heave a sigh of relief as he gets his much awaited success after a long time.

Go watch it with your entire family. This 'No Entry' is a laugh-a-second entry for everyone from 6-60 years !


Filmfare Review

No Entry: Please enter for a laugh riot


Rating: ***

Anil Kapoor,Salman Khan,Fardeen Khan,Lara Dutta,Celina
Jaitley,Bipasha Basu, Esha Deol

Crew :
Director: Anees Bazmee
Producer: Boney Kapoor
Screenplay : Anees Bazmee
Music Director: Anu Malik
Lyrics: Sameer

No Entry: Please enter for a laugh riot
Surf 'N' Earn -Sign innow

If the promos and the pre-release publicity material of 'No Entry' reminded you of last year's 'Masti', then rest assured, its not a copy or even a wee bit similar to Masti. We've told you what the film is not, now here' a word on what it is simply hilarious.

'No Entry' should come with a 'statutory warning': Please leave your brains outside the cinema-hall. Once you heed the warning you'll be in for a roller-coaster ride of laughter, madness and chaotic moments. It's a typical masala comedy with loads of stars, side splitting twists and hot babes.

There is never a slack moment in the film, it's a total entertainer. The music is catchy and is already climbing the music charts.

The film tells the story of these three married men. Kishen played by Anil Kapoor who is happily married-or so he seems. Sunny played by Fardeen Khan is an unmarried photographer. Prem played by Salman Khan is much married but wishes he was a bachelor.

While Kishen is faithful to his wife Kaajal played by Lara Dutta, she in turn is quite suspicious of him. On the other hand the playboy Prem is married to Pooja played by Esha Deol who has complete faith in her husband. Sunny's girlfriend Sanjana played by Celina Jaitley fluctuates between being trusting and suspicious.

The twist in the tale takes place when true to his name Prem instigates Kishen to taste the forbidden fruit. Well, the forbidden fruit happens to be a young and sexy Bobby played by Bipasha Basu. The entry of this sex-bomb in the lives of these three men creates a total chaos. Their peaceful lives go completely topsy turvy and the plot takes a hilarious turn.
When the question arises about Bobby's presence in their lives, Kishen tells Kaajal that Bobby is Sunny's wife while Sunny makes Sanjana believe that she is Kishen's wife. As far as Pooja is concerned Bobby is an unknown entity.

Writer-turned director Anees Bazmee has come up with a winner with 'No Entry', his first attempt at comedy. The dialogues are incredibly funny. But what takes the cake and in this case the bakery too are the stars of the film. Salman Khan and Anil Kapoor are outstanding. They have proved themselves earlier too in comedies but in this film they truly excel. Bipasha Basu is looking super hot and has done a good job too. A special mention also to Lara Dutta who is perfect as the nagging, suspicious wife. Fardeen Khan whose last few films have been box-office duds shines in the second half. Celina and Esha are just about ok. A fine actor like Boman Irani is totally wasted. To add to the babe-factor, Sameera Reddy makes a special appearance towards the end.

Overall a total fun-filler entertainer that promises to rule the box-office for a long time. A must watch!

No Entry is a fun film
Patcy N | August 26, 2005 18:37 IST

Bipasha Basu in No EntryFor those who bought tickets to Indra Kumar's Masti, this ought to give you a bout of deja vu. Anees Bazmee's No Entry deals with the same issue. Cheating husbands.

Another thing both films share is the initial audience response. Like Masti before it, No Entry is poised to be a hit. The people I watched it with laughed continuously. They applauded dialogues. They smiled and clapped. And yes, there weren't many double entendres, which means the embarrassment factor was kept to a minimum -- always a good idea when aiming for a diverse audience. If a film requires a certain punch to become a hit, then, No Entry has the right ingredients.

The movie swings between the lives of three friends: Kishen (Anil Kapoor) is a good husband, but is always looked at with suspicion by his wife Kajal (Lara Dutta). Prem (Salman Khan) is a flirt, but is trusted implicitly by doting wife Pooja (Esha Deol). Shekhar a.k.a. Sunny (Fardeen Khan) loves wife Sanjana (Celina Jaitley), but has a whole lot of restrictions imposed on him.

Anil Kapoor and Lara Dutta in No EntryPrem convinces his friends to look outside their marriages for happiness. He introduces them to Bobby (Bipasha), a nightclub dancer, promising her money if she manages to seduce the guileless Kishen. The plot that unfolds is an old one. The treatment given is not unusual either. What works in No Entry's favour is its cast.

Proof that good actors can always breathe new life into a worn script.

Anil and Salman perform well, although Sallu, unfortunately, isn't around much in the second half. Lara does well, while Esha has a guest appearance. The only weak pair is Fardeen and Celina. Boman Irani and Pratima Kazmi are also wasted. As for the music, Anu Malik doles out some good stuff, especially the title track Ishq Ke Galli.

No Entry seems like a decent movie that should do well. It leaves me with a question though. While comedies about cheating husbands abound -- Sajan Chale Sasural, Biwi No 1 and Masti come to mind -- why aren't movies about cheating wives lapped up as eagerly? These -- Murder, Astitva and Silsila, for instance -- usually fit into dark, serious genres. There are rarely given the comic treatment.

If we can watch men sleeping around, and laugh about them, why can't we do the same with movies about woman having extramarital affairs?

:By Taran Adarsh, August 26, 2005 - 13:05 IST

Let's clear the misconception at the very outset!

NO ENTRY is not even remotely similar to last year's MASTI or the Hollywood flick THE SEVEN YEAR ITCH, as being widely speculated. The only similarity is that both MASTI and NO ENTRY talk about men wanting to have their share of fun outside marriage. And since the issue of extra-marital affairs is treated humorously in the two films, there's a possibility that people might draw parallels.

Having cleared the misconception, let's get into the analyzing mode…

When the writer of several successful laughathons decides to direct a laughathon himself, expect nothing but the best. Director Anees Bazmee, who has tackled romance [PYAAR TO HONA HI THA] and thriller [DEEWANGEE] with flourish, besides writing a number of David Dhawan flicks, now attempts a comic caper that drives you nuts.

In spirit, NO ENTRY is akin to David Dhawan movies. The mantra is very clear: Garnish light moments with spice [sex], gloss [fabulous locales] and hip-swinging music. Concentrate on gags and punches. Throw logic to the winds. Pack a number of stars in the enterprise. Presto! The recipe for a paisa vasool entertainer is ready.

So does Bazmee get it right? Does NO ENTRY emerge as a paisa vasool entertainer? The answer to both the questions is a big 'Yes'. NO ENTRY is a joyride that's sure to send the moviegoers into raptures. NO ENTRY also works because it does not pretend to be something that it's not. The sole idea is to entertain and NO ENTRY delivers what it promises.

Having said that, let's add that when you saunter into a movieplex screening MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI, HULCHUL, MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA and now NO ENTRY, leave your brains behind, don't wear your thinking caps and forget what the term 'logic' means. If you follow the rules, you'd relish NO ENTRY from start to end.

In a nutshell, MUNNABHAI M.B.B.S., MUJHSE SHAADI KAROGI, HULCHUL, KYAA KOOL HAI HUM and MAINE PYAAR KYUN KIYA regaled viewers and also struck gold at the box-office. Now add NO ENTRY to this illustrious list!

NO ENTRY is the story of three men:
Kishen [Anil Kapoor] -- the married man.
Sunny [Fardeen Khan] -- the bachelor.
Prem [Salman Khan] -- the 'married bachelor'.

While the faithful Kishen has a suspicious Kaajal [Lara Dutta] as his wife, playboy Prem has a trusting wife Pooja [Esha Deol]. And then there is Sunny's to-be wife Sanjana [Celina Jaitley], who is a bit of both.

Trouble brews when Prem decides to make Kishen taste the 'forbidden fruit' that he loves so much. This 'forbidden fruit' is the sultry siren Bobby [Bipasha Basu], who walks into the lives of them all, leading to chaos, craziness, commotion and crisis.

Who is Bobby, who manages to turn their lives topsy-turvy? Astonishingly, each one has a different answer to this question. Kishen dupes Kaajal into believing that Bobby is Sunny's wife. Sunny tricks Sanjana into believing that Bobby is Kishen's wife. That's when the trouble begins!

Comedy is serious business. To make people laugh requires not just the right lines and situations, but the right kind of actors as well. Their comic timing has to be immaculate, or else the jokes would simply fall flat. NO ENTRY has it all and as a result, it works well!

Although the film defies logic, Anees Bazmee must be credited for coming up with a compelling script. Everything is well explained right at the outset and the reasons that prompt Anil Kapoor to cheat on his wife is convincingly told.

A number of sequences stand out in the first hour:
Lara's suspicious nature, first involving her maid and then at the shopping mall, when she spots Anil's car.

The sequence with the astrologer [Razzaq Khan], involving the two couples -- Anil-Lara and Salman-Esha.
Fardeen's 'suicide point' [cliff] sequence.
But it's the post-interval portions that bring the house down:
The entire marriage sequence [Fardeen-Celina].

The sequence at the Mauritius resort. A lengthy sequence, but the most hysterical part of the enterprise.

The climax at the 'suicide point' [cliff] again.
But, from the writing point of view, there are some loose ends as well. The Boman Irani track looks completely forced in the narrative. Even the sequence in the second half, when he bumps into Salman in a hotel, was just not required.

Besides, the film could've done with a much better musical score. Not that the songs are mediocre, but how you wish you'd carry the songs on your lips like the comic sequences in your mind, after the screening has concluded. The film can also do with some trimming in both the halves. Ideally, a 10-15 minute scissoring would only spruce up the proceedings.

Directorially, Bazmee exhibits his versatility with NO ENTRY. This is the first time he has handled comedy [as a director] and not once does it look that he has stepped into a new territory. The execution of comic portions is the mainstay of the enterprise without doubt.

Cinematography [Ashok Mehta] is splendid. Every frame is of the picture postcard quality, reaffirming the fact that Mehta is the best in the business. Anu Malik's music is alright. From the filming point of view, the title track [choreographer: Raju Sundaram] and 'Just Love Me' [choreographer: Vaibhavi Merchant] stand out due to the picturizations. Dialogues are witty and in sync with the mood of the film.

NO ENTRY boasts of a galaxy of stars, but the ones who stand out are Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta -- in that order. Salman is excellent throughout, but it's his work in the climax that takes the graph of the film to an all-time high. However, he is missing for a substantial part in the post-interval portions.

If you saw Anil Kapoor in a serious role last week, watch him in one of the craziest roles ever in NO ENTRY. But despite an excellent performance, watching Anil in almost every frame of the film may not appeal to everyone. Bipasha Basu has never looked so hot, so inviting. But it's not about the looks, but talent and Bipasha scores on that front as well. Lara Dutta springs a surprise, essaying the role of a suspicious woman to perfection. Truly, this is one of her most uninhibited works!

Fardeen Khan comes into form in the post-interval portions, when the story focuses on Anil and Fardeen mainly. And the actor leaves a strong impression in the resort sequence. Ditto for Celina Jaitley, whom you start liking only towards the second half. Her skin show in 'Ishq Mein' will send the guys drooling. Esha Deol is relegated to the backseat. She gets a chance only in the final scene [when Salman apologizes to her] and she makes full use of it.

Boman Irani is wasted. Pratima Kazmi suits the ferocious part well. Paresh Ganatra, the guy enacting the role of Bipasha's lover, is fantastic. Sameera Reddy makes a surprise appearance towards the end and looks alluring.

On the whole, NO ENTRY is a joyride that is bound to click with the masses in a big way. At the box-office, NO ENTRY has all it takes to prove a success story on account of its massive star cast and excellent comedy it has to offer. Go have fun!


‘No Entry’ confirmed for this week

Will NO ENTRY make it this week? Or has it been postponed? Producer Boney Kapoor’s latest multi-starrer has been in the news since the past few days. This writer was inundated with calls from not just the distributors and exhibitors in India, Middle East, U.K. and U.S.A., but also from the actors who’re an integral part of the film. They were as clueless vis-à-vis the release date as everyone else!

There were rumors that the film has been postponed since the makers owe a big amount to the financiers.

The advance booking windows didn’t open on Monday, like it happens every week. And that only aggravated the situation. However, the advance booking windows are expected to open this afternoon.

Director Anees Bazmee, who is in Ajmer, called this writer to confirm that NO ENTRY will make it this week. “I’ve been told that the issue [monetary] has been settled and the film is releasing this week. We are definitely arriving this Friday,” he stated.

Rajat Rawail, associated with Boney Kapoor’s production outfit, also called to say that the film is confirmed for this Friday release.

Boney Kapoor’s entry blocked again!

Poor Boney Kapoor. His woes seem to be unending. Just when he thought that the ime was ripe to release his latest, ‘No Entry’, the anti-Salman protests (post the tapes controversy) blew up. Boney, who was banking heavily on this ‘sexy comedy’ to bail him out of the financial doldrums didn’t want to take any chances and has decided against releasing the film this month. The main reason for this being the fate of the last Salman starrer, Maine Pyar Kyun Kya, at the BO. “He wants Salman’s controversy to settle down and is planning an even later entry for ‘No Entry’,” says a source close to him. Hopefully, the film can come out of the cans, or this will be one instance of a title ringing true for a movie.

Sridevi's Prayers For Boney's Success

Prayers , it is said , can move mountains .But Sridevi is not trying to change the Geography of our mountains . The actress is fervently praying to Lord Siddhivinayak for the success of her husband Boney Kapoor's forthcoming film 'No Entry' . Every Tuesday , till the release of of the multi-starrer next month-end , Sridevi has decided to walk from Juhu (Bombay) to Siddhivinayak temples at Prabhadevi(Bombay) - a good 10 kms . She did it last Tuesday and she will be doing it every Tuesday for a month now

'No Entry' postponed

A Still from 'No Entry' Boney Kapoor's 'No Entry' has been postponed by almost a month. It will now release on the 26th of August.

Salman Khan, one of the lead actors of the film, had not completed dubbing for it, as he did not want his home-production 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya' and 'No Entry' to release in two consecutive weeks. 'Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya' releases this Friday.

No dangerous curve ahead! 'No Entry' board moved farther!
Boney Kapoor's 'No Entry' postponed again. It was scheduled to release on July 22, but due to some unknown reasons the release halted till the mid August. As per a spokesperson of Boney Kapoor production house, the new date will be declared soon.
However the buzz is that one of the lead actor has still not dubbed, so the delay.

What is the basic storyline? How did you choose the cast?
It’s a simple storyline — when men get married, they have no entry to certain zones in life and when they enter those zones, they have to pay penalties.
Anil had to be there. Although he has done a lot of good films, my favourite Anil Kapoor films are Ram Lakhan and Taal and I have presented him in that image in No Entry. We needed someone young and Fardeen Khan suited the role. As for the third badmaash, lively and romantic character, it had to be Salman.

As for the heroines, I needed someone who was a great dancer, had a nice body language and was also a good actress. My first choice was Bipasha and it’s good that she agreed to do the film. Lara, I have always liked but No Entry should be easily her best film. As for Celina and Esha, they are both very good-looking and bubbly.

No Entry ~ PlanetBollywood Music Review

Its raining Salman Khan at the box office. With his home production, Maine Pyaar Kyun Kiya, ready for a July release, his fans will see him in Anees Bazmee’s “No Entry” alongside Anil Kapoor, Fardeen Khan, Celina Jaitley, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Esha Deol in a guest appearance. Directed by Anees Bazmee and produced by Boney Kapoor, No Entry had been in the making for almost two years. Surprisingly, a film with such a huge cast, No Entry has been given a very low-key publicity so far. In fact, the promos initially hit the screen almost four months ago and then suddenly disappeared only to resurface just recently. And what concerns me even more is that Salman is said to have a mere extended guest appearance in the movie and yet the makes are promoting as if he has a full-fledge role in it. This could backfire just as in the case of Phir Milenge where hard-core Salman fans felt cheated by the makers for promoting it as a Salman Khan movie. Let’s hope that is not the case with No Entry. Speaking of music in his films, Anees has so far been inconsistent with his previous films. While Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha had a marvelous musical score by Jatin-Lalit, Deewangi’s music disappointed no end. So does Anees manage to make his music director work extra hard this time around to pull out a winner? Lets analyze Anu Malik’s musical score for No Entry…

The album opens up with the title track, “No Entry”. When Sonu Nigam and Alisha Chinai team up for a song, one expects fireworks and Anu Malik doesn’t disappoint the listener one bit as the song carries enough firepower to rock the charts. A Snazzy and upbeat song, it catches the listener’s attention from the word “go”. Picturized on Salman, Anil and Bipasha, the track promises to be equally effective on the Big Screen as well. So sit back, turn up the volume and enjoy this fun-filled number.

Brace yourself for yet another English titled song, “Just Love Me”. Seems like the lyricists have run out of Hindi lines as they are resorting to using English lines in the songs more often. The song has been Picturized on Salman Khan who reprises his super-stud act and the lyrics too have been written keeping his character in mind. Recently, there was news about Anu Malik not being favored by Salman Khan. Going through this song one can easily understand why Salman prefers other music directors for his films. Anu Malik lets everyone down and clearly his claims for coming up with great numbers for Salman seem false. He should have made the most out of this one opportunity to impress Salman but he blew it! Sigh..

Ishq Mein comes up next. Kay Kay tries to spice it up with Alisha this time around. But the song gives one the feeling of “been there, heard that”. Another routine track with routine lyrics, Ishq Mein may well end up on your skip list.

“Why Why” is served up next. A raunchy number sung ably by Alisha, it would most probably feature Bipasha as the seductress trying to trap one of the men with her charm. Some fun lyrics and sensual vocals make this one the second best track on the album following the title track.

When a song is titled “Hot Hot” especially when Sameer is writing the lyrics, it’s safe to expect a stupid song. And that’s exactly what you get – A sorry excuse of a song. When the lyrics go something like “Kalyug ki laila hain hum, kyun humko aaye sharam?”, you know you’re in for a nightmare.

Kumar Sanu and Udit Narayan come together after a long time for “Kahan Ho Tum”. Having two of the most experienced singers at his disposal, one would expect Anu Malik to formulate atleast a decent composition if not a classic. But Mr. Malik is once again found guilty of spoiling another golden opportunity of salvaging this album. At best, Kahan Ho Tum is just an average number (I am being generous here!). No wonder Himesh Reshammiya has displaced Anu and has slowly captured the crown of being Bollywood’s best composer after A.R. Rahman. Songs like this don’t help any music director and Anu should lift his game up.

“Dil Pagal Hai” brings Kumar Sanu, Kay Kay and Alka Yagnik together. An OK composition, this one manages to sound a tad better than most of the tracks on the album and the energetic singing raises it up to the above average level. It’s such a pity to see Kumar Sanu being reduced to singing such mediocre compositions these days. A singer of his caliber deserves a lot better than such routine tracks. Hopefully, we’ll get to hear more of Sanu in the days to follow and that too in some quality tracks.

The album rounds up with “Mera Jaisa Koi Nahin”. Alisha Chinai makes yet another appearance on the soundtrack in this awfully written and composed song. The least said about this number the better! A complete waste of talent, time and producer’s money!

On the whole, No Entry is yet another blow to Anu Malik’s sagging reputation. The man who used to rule the music charts at one point in his career has been churning out absolute trash for quite some time now. Reserving his best only for the Bhatt camp, Anu has developed this strange habit of disappointing even more when the project involves big names (Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, Yaadien, Fida, Khushi, Kya Kool Hain Hum) are a few examples). And what’s even more surprising is the fact that the makers let him get away with it. A total crime of an album, No entry is disappointment of the highest order and barring the title track, doesn’t have even one single track that could actually motivate music lovers to consider buying it. Shame on you Mr. Malik!

First Look of the Movie - By Indiafm


Anil got the best role written for salman. -
One good turn deserves another . If Salman Khan has the best role in Boney Kapoor´s under-production ´No Entry´ , it´s not just because of the fact that the guy´s name sells as producer Boney´s brother Anil Kapoor , who plays a leading role in the film , revealed the other day .

" There is something very nice about Salman Khan which endears him to people whom he comes in contact with . When we wanted to cast a top actor in our film , I spoke to him over the phone and asked him if he could come home . He did and I told him briefly about the project and how we were keen on having him as a part of it . He heard me out and within a minute , he agreed . I offered him tea/coffee but he said no . Why , he didn´t even drink a glass of water , but agreed to do the film without asking for any time . It is this gesture of his which touched me so much that I told writer-director Anees Bazmi to write the best role for him ."

´No Entry´ co-stars Fardeen Khan , Esha Deol , Lara Dutta , Celina Jaitley and Bipasha Basu .
Curtain Raiser
Whether an inter-city highway or a busy intra-city road, life’s a jolly good ride till we get too busy doing our own thing while driving, to notice where we’re headed. Suddenly, we’ve absent-mindedly turned into a street full of vehicles coming from the opposite direction. In a flash, we realize our serious folly and slam the brakes hard. We’re in a forbidden territory, the entrance of which is marked with huge signboards screaming: ‘No Entry’. Now that we’re in it, our curiosity has got the better of us and we start exploring around in a bid to get out.

And that’s when the jolly good ride of life turns into a messy struggle through chaos. But only when we’re through it, we realize the value of it all; the experience of which added a dash of spice to an otherwise routine life, an experience worth cherishing, to remember the journey by. Full of various moments, from serious to funny to weird to outrageous and ridiculous to hilarious, it’s a roller-coaster ride. In this month’s Curtain Raiser, we present Boney Kapoor’s multistarrer comedy of errors, ‘No Entry’, helmed by Anees Bazmee.

Anil kapoor: Salman is a very uncanny kind of an actor, an actor full of surprises.
A perfect businessman by profession, Kishen is also the perfect husband at home. His problem is that he invites trouble and trouble accepts him readily. Life is going perfectly for him and his wife, until everything goes wrong. For a moment of pleasure, which gets over even before he can get pleasure out of it, he’s forced to face situations, which lead him from one hilariously horrific situation to another. Still maintaining his reputation as an actor to reckon with, Anil splendidly depicts a wide range of emotions from nervousness to fear to anxiety etc., with a healthy dose of comedy that will have us laughing till our sides split. Anil is very cheerful about his second film with Salman, after their laugh-riot ‘Biwi No. 1’, “We get along very well, yaar. Our work was really appreciated in ‘Biwi No. 1’. Salman was brilliant in the film, and people liked me also and I swept all the awards in the film. I loved working with Salman,” he says conclusively. Asked if the competitive edge is sharpened in Anil when working with somebody like Salman and he says, “I don’t believe that Salman depends only on his looks for his popularity as an actor. He’s a far superior actor than he is credited with. Because he is also so extremely good looking, and he has such a great personality, people talk about his looks and not his acting.
I feel his acting is on par with if not better than his looks and personality. I feel his talent as an actor is not yet tapped. It is such a plus point for him. He is a very uncanny kind of an actor, an actor full of surprises. He will surprise you in ‘No Entry’, and he’s known more as a comedian than an actor. ‘No Entry’ by far will be his best film. It’s a kind of a role, which I feel will stand out with Salman. And which will be the strongest point of his career. It’s Salman’s performance which will make and take the film from just being a success to being a huge supersuccess.”

Bollywood's New Jodis
In this comedy, Anil Kapoor plays a loyal husband, with Lara Dutta as an ultra-suspicious wife. Conversely, Salman Khan's character is a playboy, with Esha Deol playing his utterly trusting wife.

No Entry also stars Fardeen Khan and Celina Jaitley, but that's one pair we've seen in Jaanasheen before! With new combos, and Bipasha Basu as the temptress all the men flip for, excitement is guaranteed!

Best role for Salman - Indolink: August 18, 2004
One good turn deserves another . If Salman Khan has the best role in Boney Kapoor´s under-production ´No Entry´ , it´s not just because of the fact that the guy´s name sells as producer Boney´s brother Anil Kapoor , who plays a leading role in the film , revealed the other day .
"There is something very nice about Salman Khan which endears him to people whom he comes in contact with . When we wanted to cast a top actor in our film ,I spoke to him over the phone and asked him if he could come home . He did and I told him briefly about the project and how we were keen on having him as a part of it . He heard me out and within a minute , he agreed . I offered him
tea/coffee but he said no . Why , he didn´t even drink a glass of water , but agreed to do the film without asking for any time . It is this gesture of his which touched me so much that I told writer-director Anees Bazmi to write the best role for him ." ´No Entry´ co-stars Fardeen Khan , Esha Deol , Lara Dutta , Celina Jaitley and Bipasha Basu .

No remake of Masti - IndiaFM: June 10, 2004
There is tremendous speculation among the industry that Boney Kapoor's upcoming laugh riot multi-starrer No Entry is a remake of Indra Kumar's Masti . But Boney flatly denies all the rumors clarifying there is no similarity between the two films except for the extra-marital affair angle. Rather he states that Masti is a kind of film he would never endorse, as he does not believe in double-meaning sex comedies.

No Entry is actually a remake of a Tamil film titled Charlie Chaplin , which starred the south stars Prabhu and Prabhu Deva. Boney has officially bought the rights of the film. And the title No Entry refers to a nightclub in the film where Bipasha is a dancer. The film directed by Anees Bazmee ( Deewangee, Pyar To Hona Hi Tha ) revolves around three couples wherein each of the ladies suspects their respective man of having an affair with Bipasha. Now that does sound somewhat like Masti but Boney elucidates he won't even publicize his film like Masti .

So now lets just wait and watch. We will provide you with more dope on No Entry very soon.

No Entry in Bangkok - Screen: June 05, 2004
Boney Kapoor started a twenty-five day long shooting schedule for No Entry in Bangkok from May 23. Three songs, many important scenes including portions of the climax are being picturised featuring all the artists. Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta, Celina Jaitley and Esha Deol are in the cast. The film is being written and directed by Anees Bazmi. Music by Anu Malik,lyrics by Sameer and cinematography by Ashok Mehta are the other credits. The film being produced by Surinder Kapoor under the banner of S.K. Films Enterprises is fast nearing completion.

February 17, 2004
For all those who were anxious to know more about the multistarrer “No Entry” directed by Anees Bazmee, here's a scoop on the what movie revolves around. The film is the story of 3 couples. Lara Dutta plays Anil Kapoor's over-possessive wife. On the other hand Esha Deol blindly trusts her husband played by Salman Khan. Celina Jaitley plays Fardeen Khan's fiancée. And the leading ladies get a threat in their love lives in the form of Bipasha Basu. Each of them presumes Bipasha to be having an affair with their respective leading men. Recently choreographer B. H. Tharun Kumar (who also directed the comedy caper Nayee Padosan) picturized a hot song with the three leading ladies. Hot because the three girls – Lara, Esha and Celina were crooning “We are hot. Very very hot” in the song, just to mock at their seductive threat in the film – Bipasha.

November 27, 2003
Anil Kapoor, Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan, Esha Deol, Bipasha Basu, Lara Dutta and Celina Jaitley will participate in the shooting of No Entry in Bombay from December 1 to 24. Anees Bazmee directs film being made under the banner of S.K. Films Enterprises. This film is also produced by Boney Kapoor and has music is by Anu Malik.

September 17, 2003
Ambitious producer Boney Kapoor is eager to start work on his latest movie. The star-studded project No Entry will feature several of the industry's biggest names, including Salman Khan, Fardeen Khan, Anil Kapoor, Celina Jaitley, Lara Dutta, Bipasha Basu and Esha Deol! Rumours that the film is inspired by Charlie's Angels have been quickly dismissed. The story is actually about three married couples that face problems when the three husbands turn their attention to a local sultry woman instead of their wives. Anees Bazmee has been hired as director.

September 03, 2003
Producer Boney Kapoor´s Anees Bazmi directed movie ´No Entry´ went on the floors in South Africa , last Saturday. The film stars Anil Kapoor , Salman Khan and Fardeen Khan . Lara Dutta plays one of the four female leads in the venture which is reportedly a remake of the South hit , Charlie Chaplin.

August 08, 2003
Far from depressed by the debacle of Shakti -The Power and Khushi, Boney Kapoor has started work on his new film. Tentatively titled No Entry, the film will be directed by the man behind Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha and Deewangee, Anees Bazmee. Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan have been roped in for the project, while other cast members are yet to be finalised.

May 28, 2003
Post-DEEWANGEE, everyone's wondering what director Anees Bazmee is up to these days? Well, Bazmee is all set to start two projects – Boney Kapoor would produce the first, while Nitin Manmohan will produce the second. While we've written about the Nitin Manmohan-produced film [a bilingual – I LOVE MY INDIA – Hindi and MY AMERICAN BRIDE – English], not many are aware about the details of the Boney Kapoor-produced project. The film in question will star three heroes, one of which would be Anil Kapoor. “Talks are on with Salman Khan and Saif Ali Khan for the two leads, while Tabu would be one of the leading ladies,” Bazmee divulges. He adds that the film would star two more heroines, who are currently under finalisation. Bazmee's new resolution is to do two films as director and two as writer every year. As a writer, the first will be produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, directed by David Dhawan and star Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar together for the first time.



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